Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trip to the Park and Week 2 with the Akers!

Sagan spent this week going to work either Ross or me....  and a new milestone this week:  Sagan no longer howls when put in the kennel in the car.  However, eating has been an issue this week (it is all I can do to get him to eat most of his kibble).  I think this is likely due to the metranidazole/flagyl he is on from last week.  Today was his last dose, so I am hopeful.

Another great milestone this week is that Doppler and Sagan are officially playing together well....

 Although Sagan knows that Doppler is in charge....

 For now....

Today, we took Sagan to Game Farm Park for a few purposes.  We put him on the long line to give him a little more freedom to run around than a leash would provide (and we've not worked on leash skills yet).  We also practiced "come" with him about 10 times.   He did pretty well at this!  Though only one of us could reinforce by hauling him in with the long line. :-)

We also took him to the park since he is showing some anxiety about people and about cars.  So we clicked and treated anytime someone walked by, or he looked at people.  What I was most impressed with in this is that I tried some of the commands he already knows to distract him from the people and/or cars.    He sat about 95% of the time I asked in the park...  touched about 90%, and watched me about 80% of the time.

Oh yeah, and he LOVES how the wind blows the leaves around. :-)  Other new things he encountered this week:  bicycles, suitcases, and robots. :-)

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