Monday, February 21, 2011

Training, YAY!

Sagan and I just had a good half hour with the clicker.  Worked on all the things he already knows, especially sit, watch, and touch.  Worked a bit on down, and a lot on shake.... a new one for him, and one he really likes.  Also working on increasing the length of eye contact with watch.....

On a blah note, he continues to have diarrhea.  Not quite sure what else to do about this.  Blah!

We took a little trip to Reber Ranch today.  He did very well, given his tentativeness earlier in the week.  We picked out a few new toys (The Kong wobble treat dispenser scares him right now, but we're click-treating it).  He loves the new snake toy.  We got it to save our fingers. :-)  But it turns out it was just the thing to encourage some safe play between Winnie and Sagan.  For those who don't know, Winnie is my totally blind (SARDS) and mostly deaf girl.  She has dog aggression issues.  It is always a challenge introducing a dog to her.

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