Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost 11 weeks!

Well, Sagan is growing like a weed.  He looks a bit like a gangly teenager this week, gaining lots of height and little girth.  You can see that, as well as his lack of head (a new development) in the following awesome shot. :-)

Things continue to go well on the playing with Doppler front:

This week, Sagan got to spend a lot of time with me because I was on mid-winter break and then I had a snow day....  he tried to eat the blowing snow a few times outside:

Rest assured, though, that he is starting to become a precocious little puppy.  He has found the 2 or 3 places in the backyard where I cannot get to him....and he has found one high place in the fence that he can stick his head through.  He also loves my shoes, so everything is set on tables now in our house.  Yes, even dirty shoes.  And all Sagan can say is...."who, me?"

He also met a few people this week...some folks at my orthodontist's office, Cody-one of our housesitters, and he also had a playdate with his littermate Rye, and his Mom, Lucy.  Monique and I were stupid and didn't take pictures. :-/

Also this week, Sagan has been getting a little bolder with Winnie.  He risks the occasional sniff of Winnie, and since Winnie is totally blind, it always startles her into a soft growl.  

Training is going well.  He has picked up "down" pretty well this week, and we are starting to work on "come", "speak" (hey, he is doing it, so might as well take advantage so he can learn "quiet"), and "pull".

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