Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 2

Wow, so I think we owe Monique a world of thanks for kenneling the little guy the week before he went home.  There was a total of one minute of light wimpering last night, and one successful potty break.  No accidents.   I had set an alarm for 2AM, and heard him jingling around about 1:30, so went ahead and took him out.  He went right away.  YAY for him and my sleep. :-)

The other dogs are trying to figure out what is going on.  Doppler looked like he was playbowing quite a bit last night, so I tried them together with no fence separating them.  Lots of fun for a minute and then Doppler pinned him and started a lot of really nasty sounding growling and snarling.  Doppler tends to have problems with a) puppies b) dogs smaller than him, and c) male dogs.  Three for three.  I tried again this morning, and Doppler was trying SO hard to please me. He looked at me the whole time the puppy was jumping at him, and when he started pegging on Sagan, I separated them before it got ugly.  I'm sure the initial stuff will be over soon.

I got up an hour early and played with him.  I also clipped the leash on him and let him drag it around.  I clicked and treated him anytime he stopped chewing on the leash.  He picked this up pretty quickly. I also worked on sit and down with him. As I am typing this, I am seeing how he does with separation.  He howled a bit, but it only took him about 10 minutes to stop.

So far a great first day!

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