Monday, February 14, 2011

First Weekend!

So first the health issues....Sagan has some nasty diarrhea with blood in it.  We have him on some probiotics, and after a vet visit today, some metradinazole for flagellates.  He wasn't eating well for a day, so we made some chicken and white rice last night.  Today we are mixing the chicken and white rice with the kibble we're switching him too:  The Innova puppy food....

On a more fun note....  I had a couple of training breakthroughs with him.  We did some great training with squeaky toys over the weekend, and he was interested in some food treats today.  I have been working with him on:

Sit (he is very good at this and started before he left Monique's)
Watch (he is quite good at this)
Touch (Excellent at this, even though I realized it sounds an awful lot like watch.)
Down (So, so.  He dives under my leg to get a squeaky toy for down).
Leave it (to exchange one ball for another)

On another fun note, he and Doppler have figured out how to play together.  Video attached. Doppler will even play "handicapped tug of war" with Sagan...pulling more gently. I have learned to read Doppler's signals when he is done and needs a break.  Sagan is *very* cautious of Winnie. I realized that when Winnie corrected Sagan the other night, she actually punctured his cheek.  Oops.  Fortunately, the only lasting effect is that Sagan approach her carefully.

I also saw Sagan stalk his squeaky toys.

What he has been exposed to so far:  lots of students and teachers, 2 different schools, a park, a busy street, a vet office, bird noises, ferret noises, steps (at our house and at school)...???

New nicknames:  Sagan bacon, Shark Mouth Ooo Ha Ha.

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