Sunday, November 6, 2011

Three Stars and a Wish-Part 2

Three stars:

-I could call Sagan off of reacting to other dogs in agility class with a "drop" lasted about 20 seconds.  This is huge for him!
-Was able to square up Sagan's fronts so they were nice and perpendicular (rally obedience)
-Sagan was able to work in agility class for me, and ignore other dogs when it was his time to work.  I was skeptical of this, given how amped up he was...nice!

A wish:
-Desperately need Sagan to exhibit self-control in agility.  E-mailed instructor about opting for fewer repetitions and more self control (I'm trying to exert the things I learned in Andrea's fun and focus classes). I'd much rather Sagan show self control than get multiple practice through obstacles.  Going through obstacles won't be the issue...he gets that.

Feeling overwhelmed this week and worried agility is not my thing.  I feel all that old hatred toward class I felt when I ran Doppler.  Just not having fun.  I am having fun in rally obedience...I think because it is moving slow enough I feel like I can succeed.  I really gained a perspective on my students and those that wish things were moving slower.  It is hard to get kids on board at the pace you need them to be to succeed.

Also, 2 weeks ago, our rally obedience instructor gave us a challenge and turned over the signs on our rally obedience course (point being --> pay more attention to you dog, less attention to signs).  She made a point that you couldn't even think about signs in agility.  It made me really pause and think that agility was not something I was capable of.  I *know* Sagan is capable of it, but am 80% certain I am not.  I don't get spatial relationships, must plan out everything, and don't think well on the fly.  Not a good combo for agility.

I have Sagan entered in a rally obedience fun run 11/27....  should be good fun.  Need to decide where else to go from here.  I have him enrolled in another 6 weeks of agility class.  I will decide if we need a break or something else.....

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