Friday, November 11, 2011

Agility Continues

So three stars and a wish for this week:

3 stars:

1) Starting asking Sagan to DOWN before we do any obstacles, particularly when we have all of the dogs circling, and he is amped up with the movement.  I thought this would take some time, but he did beautifully on this on Wednesday.  Self control=access to fun, stimulating stuff.  Excellent.
2) Sagan was able to WAIT while I walked out in front of obstacles.  Held his down beautifully until I released him.
3) The toys are continuing to be exciting and Sagan was able to tug as a reward for doing things, and was interested in the toy as something thrown after an obstacle.  Even when I threw it and he ran off with the toy, he was still ultimately interested in engaging with me and the toy.

A wish:
That I not have to use the toy as a lure to get him to come back to me.  I do not feel confident that his recall is as strong as it should be.  If I am using the toy as a reward for doing the work, I really shouldn't also use it as a lure to get him back when he does NOT do the work he is supposed to.

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