Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Thanks

3 Stars for this week:

1) Sagan is really driven to find the entry to weave poles....ok, relatively driven.  He is doing a great job with this!
2) The contact training I am doing at home translated to a nice "stop at the end of the teeter" behavior in agility foundations class.  YAY!
3) When Sagan ran away with the toy I was using as a reward in Fun and Focus, I was able to get him back with a second toy (remember, the toy drive thing has been an issue).  Score!
4) Sagan kept a down in agility class with moving dogs this week.  Super score.

1 Wish:
That Sagan did not figure out the new game of "keep away" with the reward toy.  Damn.

Bummed our Fun and Focus class is over.  We've been working with Andrea for almost 5 months!!!  But, I will be glad to have my Tuesday nights back, and we do have a *lot* to work on.  Tops for this week include:

  • Recall (it is really broken, so it needs some work)
  • Build a jump out of PVC.  I am realizing how much training I could do with a jump. :-)

Thankful for all of human and pet family this holiday.  Will post pics of the special dog dinners later. :-)

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