Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Three Stars and a Wish...a new Sagan blog tradition

Alright, so it is no secret I'm a worrywart when it comes to my freckled friend.  I decided I would start a new tradition each week...and it is a school thing...three stars and a wish.  Since we had a great class tonight at agility, I thought I would start with this class:

Three Stars:

  • Sagan actively tugged obnoxiously today on TWO toys. (Thanks Andrea).
  • Sagan went in his kennel with no fuss in class (first time he was contained in the flimsy twisti-kennel) (Thanks Andrea)
  • Sagan was able to redirect his attention to me after really reacting to the setup where there were 5 dogs actively circling, going through the chute, with hooping/hollering going on.  After 2 rounds of him burning the leash through my hand to react to every running dog...I GOT HIM ON MY TUG TOY!!!!!  And even better, he was able to work when it was his time to work.  I think I could kiss him, but he might break my teeth if I do, so..... (Thanks Andrea!)
A Wish:

  • That Sagan learn how quickly how to show some restraint and self control in a pretty typical agility environment:  dogs actively engaged and moving.

Tonight, we did some contact work, chute, left/right turn, close/side, and a couple of sample tight turns...

Some pics are coming up...Sagan gets to see TWO of his litter this weekend!  Rye and Ben will be down at Fido's Farm.  Awesome.!

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