Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping it in the Family :-)

Well, Sagan was fortunate enough to see his biological mommy and his brother twice in the past week or so. It is hysterical to watch 3 border collies stalk things and each other.  Thanks Monique for evidence of this obsession:

We had a great time at Auburndale Park that day.  All dogs ended up pooped!

Me and the little stinker!

The family.  Keeping it red.

As Monique says, a "horde" of red dogs.

Sagan discovers a new ball game to obsess about!


He loves his new ball.

Even learned how to carry it.

So we had another playdate this past Saturday at Nancy and Scott's place, since our normal area for dog play was occupied.  Besides, who needs a dog park when you have a yard like this!

8 dogs parties here!

The chase is on, though Smokey is going the wrong way.

Sagan had a big crush on Keegan, though Keegan didn't like to be stared at so much. :-)
We finish intermediate obedience this week, and signed him up for rally obedience classes with Monique (that will present a new challenge for Sagan!).  We continue his pre-agility classes, though getting him to fetch has been quite challenging!!!  

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