Saturday, July 30, 2011

3 Stars and a Wish. :-)

The post title is a teaching thing.  It is when you have a presentation and you have the student (or his/her peers), list 3 good things about the presentation and 1 wish (or thing to improve about the presentation).  It made me think about making a list of things I love about Sagan and things I don't like so much.  In actuality, we were asked to do this in his puppy obedience class too.  So here goes:

*He is super affectionate
*He is easy to train
*He has a lot of impulse control
*He is potty trained
*He loves playing with Doppler
*He is calmer than I expected a BC to be
*He is able to play with dogs off leash with no problem
*His ears (pointy and intimidating straight to folded and doe-like)
*His freckles
*Watching him figure out he loves someone
*Watching him figure out he knows someone he at first is snarfly about
*How adaptable he is in many circumstances (the booties on his feet, kenneled in the car vs. not, kennel in a new location
*He is not a barky dog, generally speaking
*He can entertain himself with a toy for quite some time.
*He has lovely crate behavior.
*He has lovely running behavior (stays on my left without trying to cross over or go in front).

Not so Loves:
*I really have to micromange him in new, quiet situations
*I cannot let him meet other dogs on leash
*He still jumps on me and guests
*He likes to dig (I need to get a sandbox for the backyard)
*He likes to put his nose in crotches (not so much to sniff, but more to just have a place for his nose)
*He has combined things we've taught him to try to "make us" do something he wants.  He noses me (to the point of charlie horses) when he wants me to throw the ball.
*That he is genetically programmed to stop 3/4 of the way back to me. :-)

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