Monday, July 4, 2011

6 Month Behavior Changes

Well, this week saw a lot of changes in Sagan's behavior, for the better.  Hard to say if these are the result of training, habituation, maturity, or neutering.  Probably a combination thereof.  One of my frustrations as a science teacher is that I can't really isolate variables.  Oh well, not complaining!

Great social things this week:

1) Watched 3 construction guys and a pressure washer in an adjacent  yard.  No barking, pegging, or anything.
2) No reaction to any dog, even at close proximity in obedience.
3) Did great meeting 3 year old and 2 new people.
4) Super gregarious with people at a big get-together.  Existed with 6 dogs, 3 of them new
5) Made good choices when worried about a strange group of people at a park.  First barked and charged, then stopped himself, looked at us, then returned.

Sagan really liked his new friend Duke, a Weimeraner:

And he loved playing stick with his best bud:

 He is looking so much like an adult!

Well...sometimes still a little goofy. :-)

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