Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paxil Updates and Resources

So we reached 6 weeks of Paxil with Sagan last Friday.  I'm seeing better choices about 20% of the time and WORSE choices about 80% of the time.  Not sure if this means I need different meds, more of the same med, or an additional med.  Will give it 2 more weeks before deciding for sure.

Because I need to feel like I'm doing something positive in this vein, thought I would post links to several resources about reactive dogs that might help someone in my situation.  These are real links from real people with real frustrations, not the irritating self-help pages written by organizations that seem to say things like "if you keep the leash loose, you'll notice improvement in your dog's reactivity."  Oh my, if it were only so simple:

(She talks about the long haul of reactive dog ownership....  this is very, very true).

(The importance of not letting your dog practice bad choices....I find this one the hardest).

(Training your reactive dog....a bit of a misnomer, since it much more complex that "training", but still good).

(Five phases of reactive dog ownership.....  I feel like I'm in an "acceptance" phase not mentioned here.  I'm just stuck in limbo and I feel I've done all I can without meds).

(Going for the Gusto...a blog)

(Hot to live with a dog reactive dog and not lose your shit) :-)

How to help a reactive dog.

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