Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Medication Updates and Agility Trials

Well, after a few more setbacks, I decided to dump the L-theanine and go for the heavy pharmacologicals.  Sagan has been on Paxil a little over a month.  The changes I've seen have mostly been concerning.....  he is quicker to react, more likely to charge dogs, but seems like the valleys and peaks are less steep?  I don't know.  None of the drugs I tried with Winnie helped at all, so maybe I'm already coloring my experiences with Sagan....don't know.

Sagan went to another NADAC trial (put on by EAT in September).  We had 1/4 qualifying runs, and it was in Touch n Go.  For some reason, at this trial, he was unable to select the A-frame over the tunnel (resulting in a few NQs).  Thus 1st place qualifying run represents my SERIOUSLY concerted effort to get him over the A-frame.  LOL:

He did a CPE trial (put on by MudPack in October).  We had 2/4 qualifying runs...both 1st places in Standard, Level 2, and Jumpers, Level 1:

Sagan scared the bejesus out of me by charging another dog in the ring after our Jumpers run.  ACK!  Fortunately, he made a good choice, but I REALLY need to work with him on focus after runs...never a problem before.....

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  1. And by the way, if any of you are interested in reactivity updates, please message me privately. Due to too much harassment, I won't be posting that, here, anymore.