Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just an Update!

So, no big news in Sagan's life, but a few successes and new things:

Rally obedience:  Starting to work on not having my treats on my person and have him still work.  That was a dark couple of classes, but it looks like he is getting it!

Agility:  Starting to do some cross work, and Sagan does fine now that I am using one of the classes' kennels, that is located off to the side (read:  out of line of sight of 90% of the agility arena).  He is doing some nice work here.

Private agility:  Just gonna do a few of this with Andrea.  The first one, she walked me through how to read a course.  Wow, was this helpful.  She was impressed with how far we had come, and she suggested she bring down one of her dogs as a stimulus dog and alternate us working.

General socialization:  going pretty well.  Took him to Petpalooza in Auburn yesterday (HUGE pet event).  He tends to do better in these busier environments, and actually LAID DOWN while multiple dogs walked by, 10 feet away.  Little tantrum about one goofy lab, but otherwise, very proud of him.

Seattle Walkabulls group:  Great, structured walking group that is meant to address the image of bully breeds, but also provide a structured group.  We walked (dogless) with them today, and I'm impressed.  I think this will help him SOOOO much, along with the BAT, and other counter conditioning games we've been doing.

Only other thing on the agenda is that I'd like to take a Control Unleashed class this summer with Sagan.  I think it would help a bunch too.

Here's the stinker!

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