Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Removal of Drama and Calming Influences

So.... Spring Break was lovely.  Went back to work this week.  Sagan has still done a nice job this week.  He did a few visits to a tiny off-leash dog park with Ross where he encountered one or two dogs, successfully.  Though I don't worry about him off-leash, he is a definite victim of SEC (sudden environmental contrast), so was very pleased he did so well.

My life has gotten exponentially easier now that I've removed some people from my life.  It is crazy how you become connected to people who judge you and you just internalize and accept the judgment.  I had people who were judging my every last movement ("you know border collies aren't always sports dogs")....  you judgmental LOUT.  I'm talking about exercising his brain.)  At any rate, Companion Animal Solutions is the source of my drama.  Owner criticized the hell out of everything I was doing, judges every dog owner.  Someone who works for her thinks I'm a self-absorbed lout because I decided to keep Sagan and figure out what in the hell I was doing wrong.  Roommate of said person sicked her friend on me to supposedly post anonymous judgmental crap on my blog about what I was doing wrong.

Guess what?  I don't need your acceptance to determine what is best for my dog.  I don't lose any sleep at night.  I consult people in the know, constantly.  And now, I can sleep at night, not trying to please people who don't even know me.

Pardon the immature, teenage rant.  Sagan is my dog.  I will make the best decisions for him, and you can keep judging all you want.  Life is a process of surrounding yourself with people who will support, but challenge you.  I don't need to keep anyone in my life who determines criticizing what I do will somehow motivate me to be better.

And by the way, Sagan is improving day by day.  He is the loviest guy on the face of the planet.  I can only hope to keep doing justice by him.

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