Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Tricks and Socialization Update

Well, the past few days have given Sagan a few socialization challenges, but he has done pretty well.  These are his experiences since Wednesday:

1) Met Tipsey, our housesitter's dog.  I got pictures of them laying together on a mat, so I assume all went well there. :-)
2) Met Kimber and Nugget, our housesitter's friend's dogs.  Did great with them, apparently played with Kimber, and tugged with Nugget, who is elderly.  Sagan was described as tentative, but not fearful.

3) Met 3 different men while we were gone, reacted fine to all 3.  YAY!  One was in a uniform.  Scary.
4) Lowe's Duck Pond.  Loved this.
5) Lowe's.  We intended to take him inside, but instead worked in the parking lot, since he was immediately pegged and snarfling at things.  He calmed down.  All in all, a success.
6) My trail run.  About 100 people there.  He snarfled whenever anyone passed us on the sidewalk walking to the start.  Ross took him as close the crowd as he could to still have Sagan's attention.  After a few click and treat sessions, he took him back to the car.  Just fine!
7) Met Donnelle and Jason again. Some sentry barking at the door, otherwise fine and quick to warm up.  Maybe 1-2 minutes.  Then we took him in the front yard to meet their dog, Chunky, who is an enormous, but very sweet, 9-year old black lab.  Chunky very patiently sat or laid down waiting for Sagan to get close enough to sniff.  We played look at that.  It took a little while, but he did warm up to play bow and jump at Chunky.  He got one little snarly correction from Chunky and took it very well.  YAY Chunky and YAY Sagan.  This was great.  Here are Chunky and Donnelle (from their FB...I forgot to take pics):

Sagan was only irritated that he spent so much time in his pen this weekend while we were redoing our office flooring and walls.  This is his irritated look.

Cody taught him to "spin" while we were gone.  Awesome.  We also started working sit-stays and down-stays this week.  No specific command here.  I want him to sit or stay until I release him.  Sagan is also doing nicely on "heel".  This week I want to do some fun stuff with him:

-downward facing dog (bow)
-some naughty trick where I flip him off and he does something (I know, terrible, but fun)

He is also doing great on potty training.  It has been well over a week since any accidents in the house.  Awesome.  He is getting better at asking to go out.  

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