Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs you know you have a puppy

This will be a picture journal of the many changes in our house that indicate a puppy is present.  I took all of these pictures in about 5 minutes wandering around the house, snapping photos.  I staged nothing, but simple captured the state of our house.

Exhibit A:  Petzyme in a gallon container, paper towels, and shoes on the railing and on top of the laser printer.  The ones on the laser printer are wet from the muck outside, hence why they are upside down.

Notice Winnie hiding for cover in her crate:

Exhibit B: Other destructible items also end up on top of tables, like pillows:

Exhibit C:  Ex-pens must be used to protect books on the bookcase.

Exhibit D:  Toy schrapnel.

Exhibit E: Pillows protecting computer cords.

Exhibit F:  Ex-pen to protect area where he hid behind furniture to pee and poop until he forgets about it.

Exhibit G:  Towels may NOT be hung on the stove.  They are simply toys at that height.

Exhibit H:  A bottle of Petzyme, Buffalo bites treats for training (Sagan's fav), pill pockets and pills for the older dog.

Exhibit I:  The most damning evidence yet:  the puppy himself.