Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost 14 weeks!

Well, this week, Sagan became afraid of JUST about everything.  Cars, people (continuing), noises, objects.  It actually made me feel a bit better like it has to be a phase, since we're doing almost everything right (I'm sure there are things we could be doing better).

The car thing was easy enough to address.  We went 2x today down to the park, started far away from cars, and got to the point he could walk on the sidewalk right next to the road, without being interested in the cars.  Score. That only took about 10 minutes.

He has been minimally better with people this week.  No terrible occurrences.  A couple of times he snarfled and then went up to the person.

We went to his first puppy class on Wednesday (no puppies the first week).  We met everyone, and found out there will be a cool mix of dogs there:  a great dane, pit bull, rhodesian ridgeback, mini-aussie, and a shih tzu.  Fun stuff.  Liked the instructor, Tracy.

We also signed Sagan up for a behavior consultation with Companion Animal Solutions & Christine.  Monique had suggested we do this because of Sagan's stranger danger.  We will go to an appt. with her on 4/5.  She will give us some more tools to deal with his issues, and assess just how fearful he really is.

We also started the process of teaching him fetch today....  we are doing "get the ball" for him to put his mouth around the ball and pick it up.  He is a ROCK STAR on recalls.  I am super impressed with him on this at 14 weeks.

Here is some cuteness.

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