Thursday, January 2, 2014

Agility Updates

Well, we have gone to two trials since my last post.  One over Thanksgiving weekend, in which we got qualifying NADAC runs in Novice Weavers, Novice Touch n Go, Novice Regular, Novice Tunnelers, and Open Tunnelers.  We got our first NADAC title (say hello to Sagan TN-N).  It was a great weekend!

Novice Touch n Go:  Q, 1st place:  Teeny bit sloppy, but at least we had a stopped contact!

Novice Weavers:  Q, 1st place:  Only had to correct the 3rd weave entrance.  Good dog!  Sagan had a cheering crew for this run...  Tracy and her niece Lauren came to watch.

Novice Tunneler's Run:  Q, 1st place, Novice Title:  This run was a thing of beauty.  No commentary here.  Just lovely!

Novice Regular Run:  Q, 1st place:  A little sloppy all the way around...notice how I pulled too hard off the A-frame at the beginning.  Sagan is such a good boy and listens to my directions, whether they are good or not:

Open Tunnelers:  Q, 1st place:  ZAP allowed move-ups from day to day, so we got to run Open Tunnelers on Sunday.  This meant I was running in this, and 2 novice regular runs, all within 20 minutes.  I did not have time to walk this course.  Went out cold and nailed it!  Well, it wasn't the neatest tunneler's run we've ever done, but super proud of both of us:

Then, we went to a CPE trial 12/28.  We got qualifying runs in Level 1 Wildcard and Level 1 Jackpot.

Jackpot-Level 1:  45 points, Q, 1st place.  We would have had 50 if the judge had caught our dogwalk contact, and 55 if we made our A-frame contact.  This was fun, and it was nice to not worry about missed obstacles:

Wildcard-Level 1:  Q, 1st place.  This was kind of a sloppy run.  We dropped our first bar (you can do this and still Q in CPE).  I almost fell after the dogwalk and then my handling got sloppy...had to pull him back to hit the double jump, and then I didn't give him any directionals.  Oh well.  Was a smoking time at 18.35 seconds!

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