Sunday, August 11, 2013

NADAC Trial 8/11

Well, this trial was not Sagan's finest hour, though he did have a lovely Touch n Go run (one DUMB mistake on my part), 1 qualifying (and 1st place) tunneler's run, and 2 yucky, sloppy regular runs.  He was also REALLY reactive today.  This was his first (and probably last) outdoor trial.  Too much to see and keep track of.

But, here are our runs, without further ado.

Touch n Go (so beautiful until I hesitated and sent him in the wrong end of the tunnel.  Damn)

Regular (yuck: off course, and BAD contacts.  Sagan never has bad contacts....blah)

Regular 2 (yuck:  off course, and MORE bad contacts.  BLAH)

Tunnelers (BEAUTIFUL....  and ALMOST perfect. :-)

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