Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sagan turns six months, and oh yeah, it's SUMMER!!!

Well Sagan turned the big 6.0 (months) this past Tuesday.  He is coming along nicely in many fronts, though the on-leash reactivity is still something to be worked.  He still can get snarfly at people, but isn't cowering, and isn't snapping anymore either.  Progress.  Unfortunately, for his birthday, Sagan picked up (we think) some bug from doggie daycare.  He had some runs like I have *never* seen in a dog.  So he is currently on clavamox and metranidazole and doing hunky dory now.

He started intermediate obedience (with his brother Doppler) on Wednesday.  Other than a temper tantrum about the 2 new dogs in class (about 30 seconds of the approach/retreat stuff, and I finally took his snout in my hand and told him to KNOCK IT OFF.  He did, and then he was a ROCK STAR the rest of the evening.  Really focused, able to be around dogs on leash, etc.

Next week, we get to take a pre-agility fun and focus class with Andrea Dexter.  I'm excited about this!!

This week are some fun little videos and pictures from a day in the life of Sagan:

Dinner from toys (obviously he has the Wobbler, but also about 4 Nina Ottoson toys and a few treat toys we haven't used since he was a puppy...also has a Manners Minder):

A little bit of ball obsession......  note the smoke coming from his ears:

And we fueled his ball obsession by visiting a tennis club near Ross' school.  They gave us a LOT of balls.

We're still working on "bring it here"....this is an improvement from where he has been. :-)

And lastly, a couple of cute pictures from his playdate this past Thursday:

Shhhhh, I'm hiding with my ball in the grass!!!!

Nothing but joy...let me run!

Looking handsome!

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